Monday, June 3, 2013

I Hate My Boyfriend for What He Did To Me

It’s been over two years since the last time I heard a girl say to me that I hate my boyfriend. Well, this is not because it doesn't happen anymore or that guys have suddenly become so perfect that they don't offend their girls anymore, but because I have suddenly become so busy that I successfully locked myself away from the rest of the world. Well, I guess that is one of the sacrifices I have to make to be successful and I hope it hasn't gotten my girl to hate me in the process, I really hope so. I guess I’ll have to be a man and find out for myself. With the way it is I’m sure that is what you would love your boyfriend to do as well, right?

There is one thing I would like you to know before you hold on to your confession of hatred for your boyfriend. And that is the fact that boyfriends are not perfect and would always do things that will offend you in many ways that they might not even be aware of. If you have been offended by your boyfriend for too many reasons than you can even count and it has finally gotten to the extent where you can say without any iota of doubt that I hate my boyfriend, then something is really wrong somewhere which I am about to let you in on.