Monday, June 3, 2013

I Hate My Boyfriend for What He Did To Me

It’s been over two years since the last time I heard a girl say to me that I hate my boyfriend. Well, this is not because it doesn't happen anymore or that guys have suddenly become so perfect that they don't offend their girls anymore, but because I have suddenly become so busy that I successfully locked myself away from the rest of the world. Well, I guess that is one of the sacrifices I have to make to be successful and I hope it hasn't gotten my girl to hate me in the process, I really hope so. I guess I’ll have to be a man and find out for myself. With the way it is I’m sure that is what you would love your boyfriend to do as well, right?

There is one thing I would like you to know before you hold on to your confession of hatred for your boyfriend. And that is the fact that boyfriends are not perfect and would always do things that will offend you in many ways that they might not even be aware of. If you have been offended by your boyfriend for too many reasons than you can even count and it has finally gotten to the extent where you can say without any iota of doubt that I hate my boyfriend, then something is really wrong somewhere which I am about to let you in on.

I know that it has finally gotten to this point and you are probably not willing to do anything about it because the hatred has eating deep into you that it finally had to come out as words. But tell you what, I know guys can be crazy and would do a thousand and one things without really considering what their girl feel about it. Apart from the naturally unavoidable things like lack of sexual satisfaction, snoring and some other things like that, you might not really be too bothered about that but it somehow might get you pissed and make you wish he was a better man that could deliver better on those areas, but as it is that is not really the problem, right?

Your man has obviously done more damage to you by doing more annoying, frustrating, disgusting, embarrassing and even life threatening things that has caused you to finally agree and say that I hate my boyfriend for real. And for this reason, the beauty you once saw in your relationship is no longer their and the world seem to topple over itself when you see him a distance away. You suddenly hate him so much you could puke at a sight of him.

A Recent Personal Experience

I was sitting right in front of my laptop thinking about the next motivational comment I was going to update my Facebook profile with when I got a buzz on my yahoo messenger. Guess who it was: my kid sister. She told me that she was on her way to see her boyfriend when she saw him kissing another girl. While I was typing a response, she was just too impatient and angry to wait while I typed, so she called my mobile phone, then we got talking. She was so pissed and disappointed that she told me “I hate my boyfriend for what he has done to me.” I felt so sad for her and could barely comfort her before she hung up the phone because she was weeping almost all through our conversation.

The painful part of the situation was that she was so in love with him and I could see it in her eyes the first day she introduced him to me and now he is doing this to her? I was vexed for her sake and felt like doing something drastic about it but I had to stand back and act like I brother that I am by advising her to be calm down and hope that her relationship works out for her.

If something similar has happened to you, then you can be sure that I totally understand how it feels. Feeling bad and displaying all the anger is something I can relate with because I have a sister who has experienced it and I can tell you that I felt as bad as she probably felt. But before you keep saying I hate my boyfriend for what he has done to me, you might want to consider the fact that expressing the hurtful feelings will not make you feel any better; it will only give you more reasons to be hurting.

Therefore, try not to act out your anger, rather concentrate on healing because without that, there is no way you would forgive him if at all you intend to, of which I advice you do, because that is where the healing begins. Once you are able to forgive him of his faults, accepting him back or moving on won’t be as difficult as it normally would.

I want you to always remember one thing before you get angry at what he does to you because I am not going to promise you that he won’t hurt you again as there are many other things apart from cheating on you that will hurt you probably even more, but remember this one thing by ask yourself this one questions; do I detest him as a person or what he did to me? Usually you would need to calm down, take a sit and make a list of all the great moments and bad moments you both had. Most times, the good memories always outweigh the bad ones.  But in a moment of anger, you will always tend to forget all the good things you both shared. So calm down, and stop saying I hate my boyfriend.

Such exercise will help you separate him from his mistakes, heal faster and before you know it you will be over his mistakes and you won’t have to say to any other person that I hate my boyfriend.

I trust that this was helpful in a way. You can make it more helpful by dropping a tip or two that will help a hurting lady out there recover from her pain. Thank you.

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