Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Keep a Relationship without Working Too Hard

Everyone wants to have a good and healthy relationship but not every gets to enjoy such because of certain things that may arise as a result of staying with the one you love. We all get to hear some sweet words we often speak to each other like “I love you so much I don’t want to spend another  moment without you,” I wish we can run away to a place where there will be none other but two of us.” And blah blah blah. All this things may drive you crazy to want to be with the one you are in love with, but when this wish finally comes true and you get the opportunity you’ve been asking for and at the end of it all you may not really like all what you see and experience with your so called lover.
I’m not about to blame you for wishing for an opportunity to be with your love, all I want to tell you is how to keep a relationship without working too hard. When you start staying with someone for the first few days, you may not notice any problem with that person, but when the time starts extending to one week, one month and more, the real person within you starts surfacing and whether you are a man or a woman, there is nothing you can do about it. It happens to everyone.

But what can you do when the situation becomes different from what you thought it will be?
Here are some ideas that will help you go through this problem and not just go through but also win.

·         Be a Good Observer: there are more than 101 things you may be doing that is causing your partner to act in an unusual way towards you. If you are a good observer, there are lots troubles you will save yourself from. All you need to do is take notice of his dislike. Sometimes this dislike might not be expressed through words or action, but a little change in facial expression might just be all you need to know whether what you did was accepted or not. You don’t need a special skill to be a good observer, all you need to do is cultivate an interest about that thing you really want to make better, that way, and you won’t find it difficult noticing anything wrong in the course of your relationship.

·         Learn to Listen More Than Your Speak: Love is great to get a relationship started, but love is not enough to keep the relationship going. To keep your relationship healthy and strong, you need to learn to listen to your partner. Hear your partner out, don’t be the only one with an opinion all the time. A successful relationship is a joint effort from both parties and not just the idea of one person. You need the other person to have a relationship work out fine.

·         Dialogue not Fight: there is bound to be disagreement, that doesn’t matter, what matters is what you do when you disagree. Instead of quarrel or pick a fight with your partner, decide to talk. It is better to speak hurtful words rather than hit each other. Words can easily be forgotten but fights are not as easy. So stay clear fighting. Take out time to express your grieve to each other but do it in a nice way that won’t provoke each other any further. As for the man, when you notice that the matter is getting too hot for quiet talk, simply calm down and say nothing. Women love to express themselves more with words. So let her talk all she wants. Keep your own part till the next day when she is cool enough to accept your opinion.

Love may start a relationship, get you in the mood of staying together, but it is certainly not enough to keep you going, so it is important that you have good qualities to keep your partner attracted to you at all times. If you adhere to some of these tips on how to keep a relationship, you would definitely have fewer problems to handle with your partner.

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