Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dating Tips: Lies You Have Been Telling Yourself About Dating

There is absolutely no one on the surface of the earth that appreciates or welcomes lies when they here one, this is why a lot of single people out there see honesty as a great dating  trait for anyone to have, which they see as a potential partner. But the case is always quite different when it comes to being honest with ourselves; it always proves difficult to keep up with the same standard with which we wish other people should have. Sometimes we sway from the truth a bit and sometimes we go to the extreme by deceiving ourselves with deliberate lies.
With all this lies always clouding the mind, it more than often prevents us from meeting that right person and starting a good relationship. So what are these lies you ask? Read on to find out this dating lies.

Three Most Common Lies About Dating We Tell Ourselves

1.       Love would work for everyone except me: you may not really use these words just the way I have used them here on yourself, they may not really be like this for some people as they are the reason why some people are constantly afraid of getting into a relationship. I know how this feels because I have been there before. You just feel like your destiny is to stay out of love while every other person enjoys its beauty. Don’t be surprised because you are not the only one that has had this feeling as there are thousands of other people out there who have similar thoughts too. The solution to this feeling is to turn the table around this time to your favor by telling yourself that this is a lie and you are not afraid and that you too can get someone to fall in love with you. That’s one of the ways you can get rid of this feeling before it gets rid of love from your life and stops you from ever getting into a relationship.

2.       I don’t deserve more: this is one of the great lies about dating that can prevent you from ever taking a step further in getting into a new relationship or even keep in trapped in a crazy one. if you are the type of person that agrees with this lie, you will find yourself facing difficult and uncomfortable experiences such as abuse or disregard of all sorts. It will be crazy and unreasonable to expect someone to show you love when in yourself, you don’t believe that you can actually get love. If you have grown to believe this blatant lie the best thing you can do for yourself right now to turn the tables around is to schedule a meeting with counselor and tell him/her about your life and probably the situations that led forced you to agree with such a lie.

3.       “I know this relationship isn’t good for me, but staying alone if worse.”: there are countless amount of people who has embraced this lie for a very long time and won’t let go because they feel it’s right. But the truth is that it is a blatant lie and should be gotten rid of from the mind as quick as possible. Sometimes, you might not know that what you have is not the best until you actually see a better one, but the risks attached to such feeling are usually very massive. This in other words means that you can stay in a relationship for so long that you do not think any other person can actually better than whom you’ve been with. Don’t misunderstand me here please, am not saying you should break up with your present date and try someone else just because you have been dating for a long time, am only tackling the lies that many people tell themselves. Sometimes they feel if they live that person whom they’ve been dating for a long time, they might not see someone that goods again. And the funny thing to this people is that the present relationship is not smooth but they’ll rather hang on even when it hurts real badly. Just in case you don’t know, a mediocre dating experience will only result in a mediocre marriage life, the same things goes with always finding difficult to maintain a relationship because you are still not sure which person is your perfect match.

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