Friday, June 22, 2012

Dating Tips – The Secret of Dating Women Successfully

Dating women is not like the usual activities you are used to performing, most especially if this is your first time of doing so. Dating women is not as easy as switching your light socket on and off. It more like learning to play a musical instrument you have never tried playing before. It takes a lot of practice to master such instrument. When you start for the first time, all your actions won’t seem to make sense to you. Sometimes you may even feel as though you are just wasting your time and all your efforts are just for nothing. As you read on, you will notice that this is probably one of the best if it is not the best of all the dating tips you’ve ever read on the web.

But if you don’t stop and you keep practicing, you will eventually start making nice rhythms that will be nice to the ear and even form songs with it. Before you know it, you are a master of that instrument.
The same technique applies to women, if you are patient and you take one step at a time and you do not try to hurry to being a master, your efforts will definitely pay off in time.

Understanding Women

Women are very unique, in fact every single one of them are uniquely created by God. But what most guys don’t know is that women have more things in common than they have differences. But first, we will start with what they have in common.

Please take note: I might not discuss all the points in this article, more points will be well discussed in subsequent articles.

Women are pretty complicated beings, I guess that’s one of the reasons you are reading this article. Women are more like a Chinese puzzle of brain twister. They think and act in a very funny and senseless way sometimes (this is not to insult women, but it’s the truth).

I have never been any surer about the fact that a larger number of women think differently than most men and to top it up again, most women actually want different things than most men. I know this might be a hard one for some men to swallow, but this is the truth. The faster you place a handle on it the better for you and the faster you will be able to date even more successfully than you used to.

What are the things that men and women find interesting?

Has there ever being a time when you stopped and thought about the things that gets women excited in relation to that which gets men excited? Women are fond of reading romance novels, staying awake to watch soap operas, spending their money on cosmopolitan magazines and many more other things, but men on the other hand would rather buy playboy magazines, read newspaper, watch football games and read newspapers.

Just from this obviously different interest, you can tell that women are wired differently from men because men may never understand why a woman would read a romance novel and cry in the process of seat for hours and watch a soap opera.

I hope you were able to get the number one clue to dating women successfully. Their interest is the first thing you have to look out for if dating is really what you want. When you know what they are interested in, you will be able to command their attention with those things if you know how to play your cars right.
Have you noticed that women are often keen when it comes to little details that men find almost irrelevant? Have you noticed that a woman will make an issue out of what never seems to make sense to a man? Most of these things are not new, they have not changes for thousands of years and are not about to change anytime soon. So the better you understand what this is, the easier it will be for you to reach out to a woman and appeal to her senses.

Permit me to say these… women are kind of confused beings, though not to the extreme. This is because most times they usually don’t know what they want from man. If you ask a lady, what would you want your man to be like? She would tell you “a man that is tough,” but in the same answer she would have a “but” and what that but means is that she would also want to have the feeling of freedom at the same… How possible do you think that would be?

Can you see how complicated they are? That’s why it is sometimes hard to understand women. But like a musical instrument, once you understand the basics you would hardly have any difficulties in the process.
This is just one out of the many dating tips I will be sharing with you on a weekly basis. Just keep coming to this blog and you will find new articles that will help you get your relationship and dating life on a better and stronger stand. Have fun!

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