Monday, May 28, 2012

The easiest Tricks On How to Attract Girls That Only Few Guys Know

The desire to have girls jump all around you is one that every guy would want to have, but such occurrences don't often happen as much as we expect them to, which is the reason why you must learn to attract girls if you want them to stick around you.
The funny thing about attracting women is that the techniques are quite simple and would work for any woman when applied correctly. Even with these techniques intact, some guys’ sill finds it challenging to get girls to notice them. Before I tell you the reason why some guys fail at attracting girls, i will first love to first talk about the important points on how to attract girls.

There are things you must consider as a man if your intention is to get a girl to like you, this things include:

1. Confidence: This as far as I’m concerned is the first and most important ingredient to get girls to notice you. Confidence is when you are sure about what you have, who you are and what you can do. In order words, when you are confidence, fear will be far away from you. Girls easily notice confident men when they set their eyes on one, so you must learn to be self-assured at all times because it will determine whether you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity you have to talk to that girl.

2. Communication: This is the next step after confidence. Confidence is very important but it is not enough if attracting a girl is your priority for now. you must learn to communicate your intent to a girl in the most acceptable and caring way possible if you want them to be attracted. The best way to express yourself to a girl is not through sign language or body language, you need the communication skill. Some people over a long period of time now have put the importance of communication aside when it comes to making a girl develop interest in you and that is why a lot of them have failed too many times without number. If you will get that girl hooked to you, then talking rightly will be one of the prerequisites. Girls always tend to estimate your personality through the first few minutes of communication. so tell me why you would not want to take this point seriously knowing fully well that your secret attraction is in it.

3. Don't Be In a Hurry And Don't Run After Girls: Girls do not like guys that look desperate. Do you know why? It’s because they feel guys who are desperate are insecure and as such, they always tend to move away from such guys. Girls like it when they feel like they are in a competition, so it will do you a lot of good if you cut down on how much of girls you chase and let them chase you. Girls usually want guys that other girls want, for that reason; it is easier for a girl to get attracted to you.

Though all this ingredients might be in place, it still might not work if you leave this part of your life lacking:

·        Hygiene: you need to learn how to look clean. Wash yourself at least three times every day to ensure that you are always clean and if you can’t. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss after every meal and then use a good mouth wash to rinse your mouth afterwards. Always ensure that your nails are kept short and neat. Trim your hair if you like it short or style it properly if you like long hair. All this should be done even more when you want to meet a girl because any slightly difference from what they expect from a guy as per self-hygiene will put them off and that will reduce your chances of ever getting that girl.
·        What you wear: not many guys give attention to this part of their life and that is why they have repeatedly failed in finding the answer to how to attract a woman of their dreams. Learn to dress well. Women like it when a guy looks neat as it is the first attracting point. What they see will determine whether they will stand to at least to what you have to say. Like someone rightfully said “dress the way you want to be addressed.” I couldn’t agree any better.
If you do this things right, attracting a girl shouldn’t be a problem that you cannot solve. I wish you the best in your adventure!

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